Ceto stearyl alcohol ethoxylates

CAS No #: 68439-49-6

HS Code : 34021200

Frequently Asked Questions

Cetostearyl Alcohol Ethoxylates (CSA) are alkyl polyethylene glycol ethers derived from Cetostearyl Fatty Alcohols (C16-C18), which are mixed of molecules varying in the number of repeating ethoxy groups

Mruchem is one of the leading Manufacturer of Ceto Stearyl Alcohol Ethoxylates from India.

Ceto stearyl alcohol ethoxylates are versatile nonionic surfactants used in various applications, including cosmetics, personal care products, and household formulations. They contribute to emulsification, wetting, and dispersion, enhancing the stability and performance of products such as creams, lotions, shampoos, and detergents.

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