Benzyl Chloride (BCL)

Benzyl Chloride Manufacturer:

Mruchem is amongst the top Benzyl Chloride manufacturer in India. Our years of experience and professional expertise in the field make us one of the finest and top Benzyl Chloride Suppliers in India.

Mruchem is an approved supplier of Benzyl chloride to various MNC’s across the globe.

Remaining in sync with the international quality standards, quality testing of all the parameters of Benzyl Chloride is done at our end. Further, we are able to provide this product as per the requirements of our esteemed customers such as specific impurity profiling, customized packaging, labelling, etc.We can also provide Benzyl Chloride with different stabilizers (1000 ppm Caprolactum, 250ppm DMF) as per the need. We can also We can also provide technical and regulatory support.

HS Code : 29039940  | CAS No #: 100-44-7 


Benzyl Chloride, Chloromethyl benzene, α-chlorotoluene, Phenyl Methyl Chloride

Product Manufacturer:

Contract Manufacturer

Product Industry:

Personal Care/Surfactants , Pharmaceutical


  • 230 Kgs New HM-HDPE Drums
  • 1000 Kgs IBCs/Totes, 1050 Kgs IBCs/Totes
Benzyl Chloride Manufacturer in India - Mruchem

Description and Uses of Benzyl Chloride

Benzyl chloride is also known as α-chlorotoluene. It is a colorless liquid at room temperature. It is used as an intermediate that is used as a substrate to produce many chemicals differing from benzyl alcohol, flavor/fragrance products, pharmaceuticals products, and dyes.

Below are the few applications of Benzyl Chloride sector wise:

Benzyl Alcohol: Used as an Epoxy Hardener in Epoxy Flooring, Coatings and Marine Paints. Solvent in ball point and it is also used in Paint Stripping 

Cationic Surfactants: Used in manufacturing of various Cationic Surfactants like Benzyl Quaternary compounds which are used to manufacture various personal and institutional hygiene products like floor cleaners, Hand Sanitizers and Liquid Hand wash. 

Oil and Gas Industry: Corrosion Inhibitors 

Intermediary: Used as an intermediary in manufacturing of various benzyl-based derivatives